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Amy Jo. Interior Design. Architecture Photography. Art. Music. Spirituality. Astronomy. Health. Books.



Gustav Klimt

My Favorites 1, 4, 10, 14, 25 (for 90's nostalgic reasons ), 27 and 29


I think I'll live here one day. Amazing
Crate and Barrel, your not all bad...
I like your urban look
Warren Platner, Furniture Designer/Legend
Another Favorite
One of my favorite chairs
Designed by Katavolos, Littell, and Kelley

The Gamble House abducted
I left my shame in mexico


Meteorology interests me. So does photography. They make a good pair. These shots amaze me


Really cool innovation and space planning.

They know what they're doin. Beautiful architecture and interior spaces.

Birthday Wishes

This is on my birthday, and I really want to go...If Only....

Wicked Geometry

Really wicked geometric designs here. Really Beautiful.


Animal Web Cams!

Animal web cams...this is awesome. Octopus is my fav.!! I have yet to actually see it though