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Amy Jo. Interior Design. Architecture Photography. Art. Music. Spirituality. Astronomy. Health. Books.



My soul feels refreshed to see such clean and ingenious design.
No frill of fringe, just beauty.
This man is nothing short of amazing. I love his work. He knows style and he knows beauty.

I Love Teak

I also like this website.



Green Life

Cool simple resource for students...or non students...I just like this page



Coachella 2010 has a pretty amazing line-up so I will more than likely be slowly showcasing a lot of the bands going. Camera Obscura is one of the many great talents and I love this sad song.


Here is a little something from an unknown artist. But I love it and think it evokes emotion.


The smell of Book

I don't know about you guys...but I LOVE book, and the smell of them, and I especially love books and architecture / interior spaces mixed together.

Great Words

If you have never heard of Solara, you should check out her books. She has some real insight on a lot of stuff. This book changed me.

The Natives Know

Lots of good stuff to read here.

Spin off

Happiness in a chair. Scandinavian. Boxy. Leather. Cushion. Joy-stick Control. Wood.


This must be what its like to float through space.



This is pretty great.

Yasly Knows

This is a site with great knowledge and taste. It's obvious there is a lot to be learned in our society. Enlighten yourself.

I really like you chair whore.
And I really like you little chair.


This piece of art was created by Roger Dean. I must credit him first and foremost since I am using it for my main pic. He is also an inspiration to me. You should check him out. Its very possible to see more of him on here too at a later date.